quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2016

Poor in Singapore

Poor of those souls trapped here
In this perfect, aligned, OCD paradise
Amusement park to prevent your complaining
/Thinking too much
But even in this task it fails
For being so dull, so doited

Poor 11 years old soul
Forever drowned into your fake lake
Taken away by this insanity
Where skyscrapers creeps me
And concrete and steel are build
With human souls

What can you show me beside
These too clean streets?
These too safe alleys?
These too guarded corners
Where cameras are the only eyes
That follows me

How can you unmask this?
Vertical cemeteries of people
Buried alive, thinking they live
They are just ghosts hunting this ghost city
The city of everyone and no one at the same time

Pour me a beer
Let's get drunk while watching
Others guts spread all over
While witnessing a Chinese fight
With eyes on fire but hands out!
So funny...

How can we unveil at least one truth?
In this city of fake lions, fake lies
By letting the bar close
And every one go
By letting the comfort of darkness
Sweep away from our mouths
The ugly beautiful deep desires
Talks about the end of the world

The real you is in the empty
Parking lots
The half dirty forgotten places
Inside this fragile skinny and wonderful
Singaporean body
Whose soul doesn't belong here
But somewhere in the infinite sky

The real you is in this
Synchronistic moment
When I fell this building were
Made only to sustain our feet
So we could stand here
Looking down and laughing
At those foolish city lights

How can you show me its true side?
By colorful donkeys
With happy and sad eyes
Inside an empty house
Wanting more, but afraid to ask

Poor of those souls
That didn't met you
And the shy and horny
Fire in your eyes
Don't look at me with those eyes again
Or I'll spend all my money
With Singaporean flights

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